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Fallout 76 Review – 2024

Returning to Fallout 76’s post-apocalyptic West Virginia after its tumultuous debut in 2018 feels like stepping into a vastly different world six years later. The landscape of Appalachia now boasts stunning visuals on modern systems, and its revamped leveling and perks system adds a layer of engagement to the grind. Most notably, the inclusion of interesting NPCs breathes life into the once desolate world, resembling a true Fallout experience. Despite these improvements, Fallout 76 still falls short in several areas in 2024.

Fallout 76 retains its signature blend of goofy first-person shooter RPG gameplay, set in a radioactive wasteland teeming with grotesque monsters and quirky quests. The addition of online multiplayer allows for cooperative play, albeit at the expense of a compelling single-player narrative. Instead, the focus shifts to player-driven stories amidst the chaos of a sandbox filled with absurdity.

As a vault dweller, you emerge into a world ravaged by atomic warfare, tasked with rebuilding amidst the chaos. While the journey is filled with humorous moments and intriguing characters, the emphasis on player agency over narrative depth is evident. However, the addition of non-robotic NPCs enriches the world, adding depth to interactions.

Combat remains a highlight, offering satisfying gunplay and exploration akin to previous Fallout titles. Whether wielding a revolver or donning power armor, the thrill of facing off against enemies is undeniably enjoyable. The option to team up with others enhances the experience, offering additional rewards and camaraderie in a hostile world.

Expeditions, introduced as new regions to explore, offer brief diversions from Appalachia but lack substantial content. Despite this, the main world map remains expansive, featuring diverse landscapes and opportunities for base-building. However, the storage system’s limitations hinder gameplay, requiring additional investment for convenience.

The endgame content, while offering repeatable activities and seasonal events, feels lacking in substance. While the prospect of unlocking legendary perks adds longevity, the overall experience feels repetitive without meaningful challenges to overcome.

In conclusion, Fallout 76 has made significant strides since its troubled launch, offering an immersive multiplayer experience with engaging combat and exploration. However, issues such as thin endgame content and a frustrating inventory system persist, detracting from its overall appeal. Despite these shortcomings, Fallout 76 remains a compelling choice for fans seeking a multiplayer Fallout experience.

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