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Hades 2’s First Early Access Patch Makes Sprinting Faster and Gathering Easier

Since Hades II entered Early Access just over a week ago, developer Supergiant Games has been gathering feedback from players. Now, some of that feedback has been incorporated into the game’s first patch, with more adjustments on the horizon.

Today, Supergiant Games rolled out the initial Early Access patch for Hades II, bringing significant changes to player movement, encounters, level design, and addressing a handful of bugs. You can find the full patch notes on Steam.

“This marks our inaugural patch in Early Access!! We’re immensely grateful for all the feedback thus far, which has informed this initial wave of targeted improvements and fixes,” the patch notes state.

Key highlights of the patch include faster sprinting, improved dash responsiveness after attack recovery animations, and streamlined gathering mechanics. Players can now collect resources from any resource point once they’ve unlocked the corresponding Gathering Tool, with the ability to prioritize specific Tools to influence resource appearances. Additionally, adjustments have been made to several areas to facilitate smoother movement and resource gathering.

The patch also addresses various frustrating bugs, such as malfunctioning Boons and out-of-bounds enemy spawns.

Nearly all changes in the patch were inspired by player feedback, with only two items not directly influenced by community input. The patch notes also hint at future updates focusing on balance adjustments and further refinements based on player feedback.

Hades II was first unveiled during the Game Awards in 2022 and underwent a brief technical test last month before entering Early Access. Since its launch on May 6, it has surpassed its predecessor’s concurrent player count. Our review awarded it a 9, praising its “impossibly vast” scope and exceptional polish for an early access title.

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