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Akuma Just Launched in Street Fighter 6, and Fans Have Already Found Two Secret Supers

Akuma has just been introduced to Street Fighter 6, and fans have quickly uncovered two secret super moves that he can perform. The catch? These supers can only be activated after a secret taunt where Akuma sits on the ground eating a rice ball for 30 seconds.

While most characters have three super moves, Akuma boasts seven, including the two hidden ones not listed in the move set. Despite their secrecy, fans on social media rapidly discovered both the hidden taunt and the accompanying supers.

To initiate the secret taunt, perform Akuma’s back taunt by holding back and pressing all six buttons simultaneously, then mash down on all those buttons. This triggers a taunt where Akuma eats a rice ball, and once he finishes, the two hidden supers become accessible.

The first hidden super is executed by doing two quarter circles back and pressing kick. This move is a nod to Kage’s V-Trigger 1 from Street Fighter 5, Rikudo Osatsu. The second hidden super is performed by pressing down, down, and all three punch buttons, essentially recreating Akuma’s super move from Street Fighter 5.

In addition to these, Akuma can also perform his classic double air fireballs by doing a quarter circle back and pressing two punches while jumping forward, all without using any meter.

However, as fans have pointed out, these moves aren’t particularly viable for competitive play since the taunt leaves Akuma sitting with his back turned to his opponent for 30 seconds. Nevertheless, it’s a fun Easter egg, and as popular fighting game streamer Maximilian Dood noted, it provides Akuma players with a humorous way to start Evo matches.

Akuma’s introduction to Street Fighter 6 has caused a surge of interest in the game. According to SteamDB, the player count on Steam jumped to 70,000 shortly after the update, compared to the usual 5,000-25,000 players. Akuma, a classic boss character first introduced in Street Fighter II, has evidently excited fans with his return.

Street Fighter 6 has been praised for its extensive features and character roster. A review last year highlighted the game as the most feature-rich Street Fighter at launch, with 18 characters, revitalized mechanics, and a well-polished fighting experience.

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